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Modularization in Construction - Important Terms


Modularization in construction is a modern method of construction (MMC) where major construction products and activities are conducted offsite followed by on-site installation. It is a comprehensive word provided for modular construction techniques.

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Raising Modular Construction to New Heights

Civil + Structural Engineer

Solutions such as modular building have a tremendous potential to lessen the carbon footprint necessary to respond to issues such as housing shortages. Krulak has spent most of his career in construction development, having worked as a contractor and developer. This led to frustrations with wasted time, material, space, and money.


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As Housing Affordability Deteriorates, Demand for Modular Construction Rises

The Pro Builder

The modular construction industry surpassed $12 billion in North America in 2022, accounting for roughly 6.03% of all new construction starts last year, up from 5.5% I would absolutely say that interest rate increases and the difficulty of finding construction lending is a tailwind for modular construction,” said Buckley. “In

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What is Modular Construction | Types of Modular Construction

Civil Engineering Web

In this article, we share the information of modular construction such as what is modular construction, advantages and disadvantages of modular construction buildings, types of modular construction, etc. Now a day, modular construction become tool popular. Read more

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Exploring volumetric modular systems in residential construction

Construction News

Andy Higson is business director at Intrastack, part of Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions Volumetric modular construction has made significant progress from its humble roots in commercial projects like portable classrooms.

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Modular Monitor: How GCs, trades and architects view offsite construction, by the numbers

Construction Dive

Here's what the data might mean for the future of modular construction. Responses from a Dodge survey show that the professions are aligned on some aspects and at odds on others.

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Modular construction – technically rewarding but contractually challenging

Construction News

Kirsteen Milne is a legal director at Brodies LLP Modular construction has been heralded for several years now to save time and reduce waste and cost, and forms part of the “modern methods of construction” being encouraged by the government.