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Proactive Risk Management Strategies for Oil & Gas Companies

Safety Services Company

However, the industry is exposed to many risks that can significantly impair operations, the environment, and the safety of people. Consequently, risk management is crucial to identify and mitigate damages while guaranteeing the safety of workers, the general public, and the environment.

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Reveal’s model of proactive subsurface risk management

Roads Online

Reveal’s team compiled information from various sources, including road corridor managers and utility providers to ensure the data was up to date. By highlighting unknowns and higher-risk areas, the model allows for targeted investigations and utility relocations planning. To read the magazine, click here.


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Key Considerations For Risk Management In The U.S. Housing Construction Industry

The Constructor

As such, those involved in the industry need to understand the importance of risk management and […] The post Key Considerations For Risk Management In The U.S. With billions of dollars invested in projects each year, the sector has a considerable impact on the economy and the lives of many individuals.

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Managing mental health risk in the industry with AI

Construction News

Sarah Baldry is vice-president of people and marketing at artificial intelligence-based healthcare service Wysa The construction sector has some of the worst rates of mental health among business sectors in the UK, with men in the industry three times more likely to die from suicide… The post Managing mental health risk in the industry with AI (..)

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Bam launches AI powered approach to portfolio risk management

New Civil Engineer

Bam and nPlan have teamed up to launch a new approach to risk management that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle potential issues within a portfolio of projects more efficiently than ever. The post Bam launches AI powered approach to portfolio risk management appeared first on New Civil Engineer.

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Your Best Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Risk Management

In Eight

Risk abounds in our everyday life. We make decisions on how we travel, work, socialize, and even eat and sleep based on the perception of risk. However, when determining whether and how to build a new asset, risk takes on an entire new scale , and risk models range from the macro to the micro.

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Watch: Canal & River Trust: Managing heritage at risk bridge structures

New Civil Engineer

Canal & River Trust chief infrastructure and programmes officer Malcolm Horne and principal engineer Fred Hartley discuss how the trust manages over 3,000 bridge structures across its canals, rivers, docks and reservoirs.