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“World strongest crane” – and this time it’s Mammoet’s

The Construction Index

Dutch heavy-lift and transport specialist Mammoet has unveiled a new contender for the title ‘World’s most powerful land-based crane’ Read Full Article: The Construction Index

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Duralite® is revolutionizing underground enclosures

Civil + Structural Engineer

For decades, these enclosures have been constructed from polymer concrete – a heavy, bulky, unwieldy, unsafe, and environmentally unfriendly product. Its eco-friendly profile allows easier and lighter transportation options, which translates to saving money and carbon footprint. Saving time. Reducing cost.


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Collett unveils new heavy lift warehouse

Construction Enquirer

Transport and logistics specialist Collett & Sons Ltd has opened its new build Heavy Lift Warehouse at the Elland Depot Complex. Powerful Gantry Crane: At the heart of the facility is a brand new 25 Tonne capacity overhead gantry crane, offering a significant lifting capability.

Lifts 160
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Construction Vehicles: The Backbone of the Construction Industry


These heavy-duty machines are used to perform a variety of tasks on construction sites, from excavating and moving soil to lifting and transporting heavy loads. Construction vehicles play a vital role in the construction industry.

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How to Safely Remove and Relocate Concrete Barriers


However, as project needs evolve, these heavy-duty barriers often require removal or relocation. This involves: Identifying the type and weight of barriers (some heavy-duty barriers like Kentledge blocks can weigh upwards of 1 tonne, while some V-blocks are slightly smaller and lighter at 400kg.)

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Symbolic railway bridge replaced with world-first network arch bridge

Civil + Structural Engineer

Over time, as bridges get used by heavy transport, they need replacing, and for such a historic railway bridge a special replacement was designed which was to be carried out with minimal disruption to the rail network. This allows parallel work in the preparation phase and saves time.

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Granite Guru’s Gear Guide: Must-Have Tools for Flawless Finishes

Civil Digital

Lifting & Transporting with Confidence Granite slabs are heavy and unwieldy, demanding safe. The truth is, achieving that flawless finish isn’t just about the material itself – it’s about having the right tools in your arsenal.