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Hochtief-Murphy completes record cement-free concrete pour

Construction Enquirer

National Grid claims its contractor Hochtief-Murphy Joint Venture (HMJV) has completed the world’s largest ever continuous pour of cement-free concrete on the £1bn London Power Tunnels project to rewire London.

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Can You Pour Concrete Over Concrete | How to Pour Concrete Over Existing Concrete | Can I Pour Concrete Over Concrete


Introduction An existing concrete floor can be levelled with the fresh concrete levelling layer; however, the existing concrete flooring must be prepared first.


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Poured Concrete Wall Cost Calculator


What Is a Poured Concrete Wall Cost Calculator? A Poured Concrete Wall Cost Calculator is a tool that helps estimate the cost of constructing a concrete wall based on its dimensions and the cost of concrete per cubic meter, while […]

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Record-breaking pour of cement-free concrete delivered on National Grid’s London Power Tunnels project

New Civil Engineer

National Grid and its London Power Tunnels contractor Hochtief-Murphy Joint Venture (HMJV) have completed the world’s largest ever continuous pour of Earth Friendly Concrete cutting 82t from the embodied carbon on the project.

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Monolithic Concrete Pours Drive Efficiency For Concrete Contractors

For Construction Pros

How monolithic concrete placements can drive efficiency for today's concrete construction contractors.

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Concrete Pour Goes Wrong On New Haven Construction Site

Bylt News

New Haven, Connecticut – A building which was under construction near the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut partially collapsed on June 2, 2023, after a concrete pour went off course. Units had an additional sense of urgency to rescue since the concrete was rapidly drying. No fatalities have occurred.

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What is Screed in Construction? Types & Features


Screeding or "to screed" is the process of placing a thin layer of material on the top of a concrete poured surface. It is the first process of finishing any flatwork to strike off or level slab concrete after pouring. Screeding is performed primarily to prevent bleeding of concrete that is caused shortly after placement.